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All About Notifications – Part 1

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Tips & Tricks

With DigitalChalk’s new notifications feature organizations are enabled to easily send hundreds of different types of notification emails to users.

When creating a notification you will notice that there are 5 different tabs to choose from. Today we are going to discuss the first tab, which is the “Event” tab. You will see that there are 5 general different types of notification options related to:

      1. Registration
      2. Course completion
      3. Course content published
      4. Assignments awaiting grade

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Registration notifications…

These types of notifications allow you, and/or the users, to receive a more detailed email notification letting them know that they have successfully been registered for a course. The email notification options for registrations are:

          • Any offering registered
          • Manual registration
          • Specific offering registered

Course completion notifications…

Your organization may require that certain elements are completed at a certain time, and with this you may need to be notified that a student has completed within that time frame. These options are great to confirm that your students are completing the course elements in the appropriate time.

          • Any offering completed
          • Specific offering completed
          • Any course element completed
          • Specific course element completed
          • Course element type completed
          • Global course element type completed

Course content published notifications…

Also, if you have a course that you will be adding content to as the course progresses, you can send an email to students notifying them that there is new content in the course – this helps to eliminate any surprises when they log in and see new content.

          • Any course element published
          • Course element type published
          • Global course element type published

Awaiting grading notifications…

This is a great feature to easily notify any administrator in your organization that a student has submitted an assignment for grading – this notification helps to eliminate any unnecessary wait time for grading.

          • Any assignment awaiting grading
          • Specific assignment awaiting grading

Comment notifications…

Any time a comment has been made, by either the student or an instructor, an email will go out to the appropriate person notifying them that there is a new comment ready for them to view and reply to.

          • Comment by student
          • Comment by student – offering

Keep a lookout in the upcoming weeks as we continue to cover the different parts of DigitalChalk’s notification feature to learn more about what you can do with this feature.

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