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Give customers access to your courses
on their own LMS without losing control
of ownership, losing visibility of consumption,
and stressing over version control. 

Overview of Content Fortress’s eLearning Content Protection

What is Content Fortress?

Content Fortress helps training companies protect their intellectual property (IP), reduce losses from course overuse and theft, and create new enterprise sales possibilities.

Content Fortress allows you to give access to your courses on a customer’s LMS, meter exact usage, track each learner’s performance, and easily manage version control.

You create your course in your preferred tool, like Articulate, and package it as a SCORM or AICC file. All you have to do after that is upload your course package into Content Fortress, create a license, and give the licensed file to your customers, who will then upload it into their LMS to deliver to their learners. It’s that easy.

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How does Content Fortress protect eLearning content?

Inadvertently, online training companies like your own lose millions in revenue yearly when your clients request to run your courses on a separate LMS from the one you use. At least, that’s the case when there’s no IP protection, content licensing, and consumption monitoring in place.

Once your customers upload your course into their own LMS, it is out of sight and out of mind. Even with good intentions, control of usage and versioning is lost.

Content Fortress puts the control back in your hands. With powerful IP protection, advanced usage reporting, and license capping, you’re back in the driver’s seat.

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