Construction companies must prioritise training on occupational safety, health and safety interventions, regulatory requirements, and compliance programs. DigitalChalk offers a user-friendly learning platform that improves productivity and retention while reducing accident-related costs, injuries, and fatalities.

Some Construction and Safety Clients



Safety and Engineering courses delivered to learners in 2023.


1.5 Million

test questions responded by learners in 2023.


15 Years

of experience working with Safety and Engineering educators to deliver world class learning.

Why DigitalChalk for Construction Companies?


Easy to Build, Buy and Update Courses

DigitalChalk is perfect for diverse workforces, offering an easy-to-use interface accessible from any internet-connected device, multilingual capabilities, and compliance with ADA requirements.

Advanced Features Built for Compliance and Certification

DigitalChalk is an LMS that offers time-saving features for admins, enabling them to create courses, manage learners, track progress, and drive completions. These features include automation tools for notifications, course and catalog rules, and reminders, saving valuable time and effort for busy administrators.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Harness the power of data with DigitalChalk’s comprehensive reporting tools. Our LMS enables organisations to track detailed learner progress, measure training effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions. Access real-time analytics to monitor engagement, completion rates, and performance trends. Customise reports to fit your unique needs and ensure compliance with industry standards, helping your organisation maintain a competitive edge in workforce development.

Seamless Integrations

DigitalChalk provides a robust suite of standard integrations. We also specialise in developing custom integrations with virtually any software tools to meet your specific organisational needs. This flexibility ensures that our LMS can seamlessly integrate into your existing technology ecosystem, maximising efficiency and user experience.



With Data Privacy Framework Certification and EU Data Residency options, you can rest at ease knowing our LMS is fully compliant with GDPR.

Fanatical Support for Admins and Learners

Implementing or upgrading an LMS can be overwhelming. DigitalChalk provides fanatical support, assisting you and your learners every step of the way.

DigitalChalk has won numerous awards, and industry experts widely recognise us as a top LMS

Safety Training and Engineering Instruction with DigitalChalk

DigitalChalk continues to prove itself the top LMS on the market for safety education and engineering instruction, working to make Continuing Professional Development and Certification accessible and engaging. With over 13 million test questions answered and 82 years of video content delivered, DigitalChalk is continuing its legacy of success.

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