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Kinesthetic Learning

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Tips & Tricks

Kinesthetic learning is the last of the three learning styles we have been talking about. This type of learning tends to be more difficult to incorporate into an online course. There are, however, tricks that teachers can use to help kinesthetic learners who are taking online courses to help them to better concentrate on and understand the content.

We learned in our earlier post that kinesthetic learners do best when there is more of a hands on approach. But for online courses the ability for tactile learning is minimal for students. There are a few tips that you can give to your students who are kinesthetic learners to help them do the possible best in your course.digitalchalk-kinesthetic-learning

An easy one for you to suggest is for them to keep notes so that they are actively doing something along with the course instead of just listening or watching – this often times leads to them losing focus and no longer participating if they don’t have something to do with their hands. Doodling is also fine because often times this is just as effective as taking notes during the course. Any form of hands on activity will help to keep the student concentrated and focused on the content.

You can easily create an interactive learning environment for kinesthetic learners by creating content that has click and drag exercises instead of just clicking to go through the content. This helps to create the more hands on environment that they need to help them soak up and understand the information in the online course. To accomplish this you can use authoring tools to create SCORM packages. SCORM is a great option for all types of learning styles because you can incorporate visual, audio, and kinesthetic aspects within it.

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