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6 Common eLearning Mistakes to Avoid

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Tips & Tricks

As you create your online courses, remember to always learn from your past mistakes (and from others). These are 6 simple eLearning mistakes that online instructors commonly make and how you can avoid them.

  1. Unclear objectives. A successful eLearning course should aim to meet the needs and requirements of its audience. The instructor needs to develop a set of clear objectives and goals based on what the course is trying to accomplish. Plus, your students will be thankful and ultimately more successful if you supply them with a course outline and a list of objectives to follow along with.
  2. Poor Assessment. The goal of any online course is to give students the resources and opportunity to learn any given subject and then apply it. In order to successfully teach relevant subject matter to your students, it is important to test and evaluate your students on a regular basis. Implement quizzes, surveys and assignments to evaluate your student progress.
  3. Unstructured content. Your online course content needs to be well structured and in digestible bits with clear, practical examples. Keep your quizzes frequent and to-the-point to keep your students’ attention.
  4. Poor use of media and technology. Remember, content is king. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about the aesthetics and multimedia quality within your course. It is important to grasp your learner’s attention and include quality images, video and audio to complement your course material.
  5. Lack of interactivity. Although your course is online, that doesn’t mean you need to lose all interactivity with your students. Your eLearning course should encourage your students to interact by including quizzes, assignments, and even games. Be sure to ask practical questions and teach how the student can apply their knowledge outside of the classroom.
  6. Failure to collect feedback. In order to continue to grow your business and improve your online courses, it is important to collect student feedback. Include an end-of-course survey for your students to share their experience and suggest any possible improvements.

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