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Bundling Courses 101

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Tips & Tricks

Do you have a set of courses that users often purchase together, or you would like to sell together? You can use our bundling feature to create a one-step checkout process for a multi-course registration.

How do I create an offering bundle?

The process of creating a bundle is very similar to creating an offering. Keep in mind you will need to have an offering already created for each course to be added to the bundle before starting.

    1. Log in and select the ‘Manage Courses’ tab.
    1. Select ‘Offerings’ on the left side menu.
    1. Click on the ‘Add Bundle’ button.DigitalChalk: Bundling Courses 101
    1. Enter in 2 or more offerings that you would like to include in the bundle and click the ‘Next’ button.DigitalChalk: Bundling Courses 101
  1. Fill out the next few sections like you normally would an offering and hit the ‘Save’ button when you are done.

Need a refresher on how to create an offering? Check out our guide here!

Where do users view the bundles?

You can make the bundle visible in the catalog and you can also create a landing page for the bundle as well. Creating a landing page for a bundle is the same as creating one for an offering.

Helpful Hint: The bundles and offerings will all be listed together under the ‘Offerings’ section under the ‘Manage Courses’ tab. If you are looking at the list and want to know which ones are bundles and which ones are single courses without having to open up the details window you can tell the difference by whether it has the gradebook and course elements icons or not. If it doesn’t have those 2 icons that means it is a bundle. DigitalChalk: Bundling Courses 101

Important: Keep in mind while creating any bundle that there will still be a delivery fee for each course in the bundle, not a single delivery fee for the whole bundle. 

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