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What is Micro-Learning?

by | Feb 19, 2015 | DigitalChalk

Recently, we have been hearing the term “micro-learning” more often, especially in corporate environments. Micro-learning has quite a few benefits to the students and the instructors. Utilizing this teaching style can provide the materials, without overwhelming the student.

What is Micro-Learning? | DigitalChalk

Micro-learning is learning in smaller segments and goes hand in hand with traditional eLearning. Activities include short-term lessons, projects, or assignments with smaller amounts of information. The course material is broken into smaller lessons or modules, rather than teaching a broad topic all at once. Although the course may be broken down into smaller modules, it is still hosted on an LMS.

Micro-learning can be best when the student truly needs the information or when they are the most receptive. These instances are real-life examples that they can relate to, such as reading a bulletin, catching up on recent tweets, or reading a blog article about cooking. Micro-learning occurs on a daily basis.

There are a few main advantages. For example, it gives the students the ability to gather information in small segments and helps them absorb it much more effectively. Another advantage is that the learning can be done on-the-go. Mobile learning allows you to learn anywhere, anytime – 24/7.

Like eLearning, micro-learning can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Emails, online articles, multimedia videos, and short presentations can give the students the tools to achieve their end-of-course goals. Micro-learning is somewhat similar to “content chunking” – learn how to chunk your online content here.

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