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eLearning Goes HD on DigitalChalk

by | Feb 25, 2011 | Announcements

DigitalChalk, a leading learning management system for professional training and continuing education, has introduced HDLearn Technology®, a revolutionary new way of delivering e-learning in high definition.

February 25, 2011 – Asheville, NC

The DigitalChalk training system has excelled in delivery of streaming video for e-learning from its debut in 2007. HDLearn takes video training to a new level with the introduction of streaming, delivery and tracking of lessons in full 720p Web streaming. DigitalChalk is the first full-featured learning management system (LMS) to include the option to upload, stream and track video lessons at this quality.

The system provides an integrated Chalkboard Studio with full-featured lesson editing inside a browser. Instructors can upload their HD video files and DigitalChalk will automatically convert it to a streaming file for delivery to any browser. Instructors can synchronize other media including images, pop-up interactions and slides into the presentation with the video.

Students taking courses on DigitalChalk enjoy an easy-to-navigate experience with video delivery that has been optimized for the best display on their Internet connection. DigitalChalk is the only learning system to track real-time progress of video e-learning and record it in the LMS database. Businesses and schools using DigitalChalk can be assured that the student has viewed the entire video before they are allowed to proceed to the next lesson.

“We are thrilled that we can now deliver education and training videos at the highest quality possible on the Web. The increases in broadband speeds over the past few years have opened up new opportunities to deliver high quality lessons virtually anywhere,” announced Tony McCune, VP of Sales.

The HDLearn Technology is available in all Pro+ and Business+ accounts on DigitalChalk. Lesson videos can be up to 60 minutes long in files up to one gigabyte. Chalkboard lesson templates are available for video in 240p, 480p and 720p full screen sizes. The HDLearn Technology includes bandwidth-shaping delivery to automatically detect and deliver the highest quality video a user can consume.

In addition to streaming video, DigitalChalk supports virtually all other content types including tests, documents, Web presentations and SCORM files. The DigitalChalk system is fully hosted and account setup can be done online at

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