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by | Aug 20, 2007 | Announcements

August 20, 2007 – Asheville, NC

Infinity Learning Solutions, a North Carolina based software company announces e-commerce delivery option for

“This is a fantastic option for our customers who want to market courses for a fee. This new service handles all of the e-commerce tasks and let’s our training providers focus on building quality content. Once courses are published, we handle online transactions and course content delivery,” said Tony McCune, VP of Sales.

The DigitalChalk e-commerce delivery model creates a partnership between training publishers and DigitalChalk to deliver fee-based training online. Training provides are responsible for publishing content and marketing the courses. DigitalChalk collects the course fees and provides students access to the course. DigitalChalk retains a course delivery fee and remits the balance back to the course providers.

According to Russell Stinehour, President of Infinity Learning Solutions, the goal of this service is to lower the barrier of entry for smaller training organizations who have courses that could be delivered online. “Traditionally, to publish online courses with rich media, it required a significant investment in software and staff to deliver and support e-learning. We have dramatically reduced the up front costs and provide all of the IT services many training companies lack” said Stinehour.

The DigitalChalk e-commerce solution will be generally available with the Summer 07 release September 4th.

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