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Why You Should Use SCORM in Your Online Courses

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Tips & Tricks

Today one of the hot topics and areas of need is SCORM. I have many clients who contact me and ask what does SCORM compliant mean and how do they become SCORM compliant. SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based electronic educational technology (also called eLearning). That is a mouthful isn’t it? That is why we abbreviate it!

DigitalChalk: Why You Should Use SCORM in Your Online Courses by Joshua Ducharme

So why would you use SCORM? When working on ePlatforms, typically when your content is put into a SCORM compliant package, it allows you to upload it to any platform without having to manually load each item. This also allows you to sell any of your trainings or classes to anyone who wants to use them on a SCORM Compliant eLearning platform.

One of the many problems that arise from clients is the terminology of SCORM compliancy. Many of the LMS systems out there are SCORM compliant, meaning they accept the file and their system can run it. When courses are created in the LMS system directly, that does not mean they are now in SCORM compliance. In order to create a SCORM package, one must use a software program to create the course and publish it as SCORM in order to upload it into the system.

There are many programs out there to choose from to create your eLearning SCORM package, but the most robust of software programs are Articulate Storyline 2 and Adobe Captivate. These programs have many premade templates to help users cut creation time down. Along with that there are many tutorials within the program and also online.

Why would somebody choose a SCORM creation rather than just create within the LMS? There are numerous reasons to do this. The first and foremost is the overall cost. Many times, uploading one zipped SCORM package is much cheaper for the user than creating within the system. Second, users have the ability to create responsive courses that can be used on any device with features like drag-and-drop and more.

When creating your eLearning course there are many things to consider, especially which route you want to go. Ultimately you must examine what your exact course needs are and how you want to achieve those and determine whether SCORM is the right choice. For more help on how to become SCORM Compliance contact us at

Written by: Joshua DuCharme

Joshua DuCharme has been working in the education system for the last 9 years. He holds a Masters in Education from National University, a CA Cleared Credential (CLAD) from National University, and a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from National University. In this last 9 years he has accomplished many things. He has taught second grade, fifth grade, special education, online collegiate classes, created numerous professional development courses for teachers and administrators, and published papers on topics such as Effective Behavior Managment for elementary teachers, Web 2.0 technologies in the classroom, and his most recent publication on gamifying your classroom. He continues to serve on boards and committees at his school involving STAR Testing, WASC Accreditation, and helped in creating the technology task team at his school. He helped design the school’s website. He continues to serve in the community offering free tutoring services to struggling students and counseling to parents. His expertise extends much farther than the classroom and reaches deep into the community in which he lives.

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