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5 Advantages Of Using eLearning In Training

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Tips & Tricks

Any corporate trainer is looking for higher performance rates from employees. And motivating individuals to use their talents and skills to the fullest capacity is imperative for business success. Instructional designers should be developing custom eLearning that will enable learners to unlock their full potential.

However, designing effective and engaging custom eLearning methods can be a challenge. You may have exceptional learning content, but that does not mean employees will absorb the information. Instructors must present materials that facilitate the application of knowledge. Learners need to be motivated to put new information into action.

It’s undeniable that custom eLearning is useful for instructional designers and corporate trainers. Review the following advantages of such methods to dive deeper into how and why custom practices and custom writing will benefit your employees. 

Meaningful and consistent material. 

With custom eLearning, instructors and trainers are able to incorporate real-life situations to make significant and applicable connections. Employees will more immediately apply learning on the job and information is better communicated. For example, maybe your company has a new sales goal. The management teams should build a training program to equip employees with the proper skills to help achieve the business goal. The best way to implement these new skills is to present them in association with existing sales processes and systems.

Proficient updating.

Instructional designers need to organize their programs to allow learners easy access to maintenance, writing practices and any other necessary editing. Developers can use custom eLearning tools to enable content whenever necessary, without constantly waiting for new releases of products and software. And learners will be able to quickly reference any data or information.

Alignment with brand standards and image.

Custom eLearning provides an opportunity to strengthen your brand image and mission as well. ELearning courses and materials can include simple colors and logos to help learners immediately associate any information to the company or brand. This instant recognition is helpful for trainers and employees and the content can better reflect your corporate values and commitment.

Precise and effective evaluations.

Instructors need to assess employee progress during the learning process to better understand how to communicate with individuals. It’s important to be sure your materials are being understood and absorbed properly, and the direct feedback provided be custom eLearning is essential. Designers can create clear and concise information and examinations to obtain a targeted assessment and help learners better retain the necessary information.

Enhanced inspiration and engagement.

Designers need to keep in mind that without learner engagement, quality of content matters little. To encourage motivation instructors need creative devices and platforms that are found in custom eLearning. These new edtech tools allow trainers to control all of the aspects of learning and to make changes over time that adequately reflect a constantly evolving learner group. Maybe you will find that majority of your employees respond best to visual methods, or perhaps it’s auditory methods of learning. No matter what it is, trainers will be able to increase engagement by using the eLearning tools available.

Standard training courses and online learning materials will not fully stimulate all of your employees. They may provide general and basic information, but they do not guarantee that learners have fully absorbed the necessary skills and lessons.

To actively engage employees, custom-made eLearning methods and materials need to be integrated. This will allow a direct connection to employees on a more individual level and help trainers to better know specific learning needs, thus improving their staff’s overall performance.

So why not start today? Corporate trainers and businesses should constantly be providing employees with the information and training they need to not only succeed, but to consistently improve. Begin incorporating custom eLearning in training sessions and watch as employees better retain information and actively engage in their own professional success.

Written by: Anna Olinger

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