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Teach Students to Learn From Their Mistakes

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Tips & Tricks

When communication between the student and the teacher is mainly via the computer, it can be difficult for students to learn from the mistakes they make throughout the course – in order to  getting a better grasp and understanding of the material.

DigitalChalk: Teach Students To Learn From Mistakes

Let students evaluate their responses. You can do this by giving questions based on example scenarios, then follow up with feedback based on their responses. Students can quickly become frustrated if they do not receive instructor feedback or evaluation scores. From here, let them know the possible outcomes for a certain answer they gave. This can help students realize mistakes earlier on and by themselves.

Walking students through why they missed an answer is an excellent way to let them learn from their mistakes. When a question is answered incorrectly, a student will always appreciate an explanation behind it, rather than just an incorrect or correct score.

Creating a course where students can quickly learn from their mistakes is a great learning tool. This gives the students the ability to easily apply the information, rather than taking the course and not gaining a lot of applicable information.

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