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Learn About Organization Features

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Tips & Tricks

The organization feature allows you to easily make adjustments to what users see on both the ‘Catalog’ and ‘Dashboard’ tab. Learn more below about how to gain access to the features and what you can change within your organization.

How do I access this Organization section on my account?

To access this you will want to:DigitalChalk: Learn About Organization Features

    1. Go to the ‘Administration’ tab.
    1. Select ‘My Organization’ from the left side menu.
    1. Click on ‘Features’ and a window will open.
    1. Pick from the ‘Catalog’, ‘Dashboard’, or ‘Media’ tabs to further customize your organization.
  1. After any changes have been made hit the ‘Save’ button.

What can I do under the ‘Catalog’ tab
DigitalChalk: Learn About Organization Features

    • Choose to give users the ability to see the catalog, or not.
    • Choose to give the ability for users to be able to create their own accounts at the login screen.
    • Enable/Disable receipts that will be sent when a student registers for a course.
  • Fully customize your catalog with a number of options.

What can I do under the ‘Dashboard’ tab?DigitalChalk: Learn About Organization Features

    • Select how offerings are ordered
    • How many offerings to display
  • Many more options to set up the dashboard the way you want it

What can I do under the ‘Media’ tab?DigitalChalk: Learn About Organization Features

  • Adjust the default video quality for your organization.

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