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Back to basics: How to Grade an Assignment

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Tips & Tricks

Now that we’ve learned how to create an assignment the next step is to learn how to grade submitted assignments if it is not set to auto-grade.

During the assignment creation process you have the option set it up so that it can be auto-graded. If you don’t select the auto-grade option you will need to manually grade the assignment in order for the students to move forward in the course if the assignment is required.

How do I grade the assignment?

The first step in grading any assignment is to go to the Instructor Gradebook and click on the title of the course the student is in.

    1. Click on the student’s name to bring up the course elements.
    1. Look to the right of the assignment element and you will see ‘—’ and ‘waiting to be graded’. Click on ‘—’ and a window will open up that will allow you to read the student’s submission and then grade it.DigitalChalk: Back to Basics - How to Grade an Assignment
    1. Enter in the grade you would like to give the student and then check whether they have passed it or not.DigitalChalk: Back to Basics - How to Grade an Assignment
  1. Click the ‘Save’ button and it will officially be graded!

Helpful hint: Keep in mind that if an assignment is set as required the student will not be able to move forward in the course until the assignment has been graded.

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