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Back to Basics: Course Administrator Role

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Tips & Tricks

If you have manually added users to your organization you may have noticed that there is a course administrator role option for you to select and wondered what access it gives to users if assigned.

Keep in mind that when manually adding users you do not have to assign any role to that person if you do not need to.

What do course administrators have access to?

Anyone with this role will have access to the ‘Manage Courses’ and ‘Instructor Gradebook’ tabs.DigitalChalk: Back to Basics - Course Administrator Role

With access to both of these tabs the administrator will be able to:

You can set it up to where certain course administrators only have access to certain courses/offerings with course authoring and courses under the instructor gradebook tab as an offering facilitator.

What is course authoring?

What is an offering facilitator?

*Helpful hint: With the course administrator role you can assign someone to that role, but in order to remove someone from that role you will need to send a request to DigitalChalk support to do so.

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