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5 Best Practices for Recording Video

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Tips & Tricks

Training online is a great way to reach more people, and keep costs down. With today’s high-definition technology, it is easier than ever to create that face-to-face experience for your online students. We have narrowed it down to these 5 best practices for online video recordings.

  • Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. You cannot prepare enough. Be sure to test your audio and video before recording. There is nothing worse than being midway in your recording, only to realize you selected the wrong mic, or your camera was turned off. Also, be sure you have some sort of script ready for your recording. It is always good to stay on track with some talking points prepared.
  • Always dress professionally. During any recording session, it is important to dress the part. While a suite and tie may not be necessary, overall professionalism in appearance will ensure that the audience is focused on the content of the session rather than your printed sweater or tousled hair-do.
  • Balance the lighting in your environment. When creating a video recording, you should use two light sources: one to light the room and the other to light your face. If you can, take advantage of any natural light from the windows. However, be sure to sit facing the windows to prevent glare.
  • Eliminate any background distractions. You don’t want your audience to be distracted by your background, so make it as simple and clean as possible. Be sure that your surrounding environment and any working neighbors are aware of your recording session, to avoid interruptions.
  • Simulate eye contact. An easy way to create virtual eye contact in online training sessions is to look directly into the camera. Be sure your camera is positioned so your eyes are roughly level with the lense of the camera. With this adjustment, it gives the impression that you’re talking directly to the audience.

Following these simple best practices can help you with your next video recording.

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