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3 Instruction Tips to Better Manage Your Time

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Tips & Tricks

Online instruction can have its perks of a flexible schedule, however, it can easily become overwhelming. Before you know it you will be checking your email before breakfast and at all times of the day. These are 3 simple instruction tips to help you better manage your time during your online instruction.

DigitalChalk: 3 Instruction Tips to Better Manage Your Time

  1. Repurpose content. When you build your course on an eLearning platform, keep in mind the possibility of reusing many of the elements, such as the course outline, slides, or video clips. Repurposing as much content as possible will save you time in the long run. Although you may not be able to use all the content, such as the middle of the slideshow or the beginning of the introduction video, you may be able to use most of it. Saving a few minutes here and there on repurposing can really add up.
  2. Connect students. There is no reason you should be the only contact for your students. Sometimes you can connect your students (or employees) to one another for the duration of the course. Think creatively and allow your students to communicate with each other. Many eLearning platforms have various tools to allow this communication. Sometimes students can learn more from another students, rather than the instructor reiterating the information.
  3. Establish online business hours. Realistically, many work schedules are 8 to 6 or 7 to 7. However, it is important to set limits. Consider making yourself a rule to not check email or grade assignments after 6 pm. And the weekends? Take some time off! Your students may expect immediate feedback, but resist the urge. By scheduling an end to your workday, you can relax rather than continue working. In the long run, you will be more productive.

By following these 3 instruction tips, you will be able to better manage your time and avoid becoming a workaholic. Enjoy some time off, sit and relax – keep your personal life separate from your work life. You’ll be thankful you did!

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