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Show Me Your Brand ID

by | May 21, 2019 | Marketing

If your brand ID were to appear just like your drivers license, exactly what would it say?

Aside from your picture, what information would it include about you? And would your prospective customers be able to tell exactly who you are and what you bring to the table just by looking at it? Your brand ID is important and should make these aspects clear to prospective customers.

A few ways to start with this process is as follows:

1. Establish your unique value add. Why would someone want to work with you versus your competitors? Determine what makes you unique and convey your messaging so that it translates well with your audience.

2. Focus on your visual brand identity. This is the creative part. If you’re not so great in this area you can always use sites like to find affordable professionals who can help you. You absolutely want to put some effort into the visual aspects of your brand – everything from your logo, color schemes, graphics, social media presence and more should be considered when talking about your brand identity. Remember, for the most part people are visual creatures. We are attracted to all things attractive. So put some effort into the visual aspect of your brand. It will pay off.

3.  Be consistent across the board. Once you’ve determined how you want to brand yourself, be sure that everything from your business cards, social media presence, website, etc. have the same look and feel to them. This will help your community to identify you easily both online and offline.

4. Scope out your competitors. Snooping isn’t a bad word when it’s for your business. By all means, take some time out to see how your competitors brand themselves online. Take notes. Don’t mimic what you see but instead use it as a means to help you understand what’s working as it relates to their brand.

5.  When creating your logo, remember that simplicity works. Think of a brand like Coca Cola – it’s simple. Don’t be afraid to go with the less is more route.

In short, put some effort into this because it matters. Your brand ID is what helps draws people to you. If it’s strong enough, attracting your tribe will be like honey to a bee.

Yes, it’s a lot to take in, but as always…you’ve got this.

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