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Sell Online Courses with Video Content to Launch Your Online Business in 2020

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Marketing

There’s never been a better time than this new year to start an online business selling your knowledge and your courses. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the most popular medium for course content—video—and show you how to easily use video to create courses and share your expertise with the world.

In 2019, video content accounted for approximately 80% of internet traffic. That percentage is astounding when you consider the sheer amount of data traveling around the internet everyday. But what does that have to do with you as an entrepreneur or influencer looking to start your online business in the new year or the business owner who wants to make money selling courses in 2020?

Well, for one, video is the media type that has arrested the attention of the majority of the global internet community. Because of that worldwide love for online videos, video-based learning has increasingly gained traction in the eLearning industry, and will only continue to grow in popularity.

Sell More, and Sell Better

Think of video content as a tremendous business opportunity. Video is the singular most popular media type on the internet, and, in the eLearning industry, so incorporating video into your course content will make your courses more attractive to customers thereby increasing your sales. That’s what we call a win-win situation. Want to drive traffic to your online business and provide course content that’s impactful and engaging? Take a minute to explore these three reasons to incorporate video content into your courses in 2020:

Microcontent is Effective and It Sells

Microcontent breaks learning content down into easily digestible bitesize chunks. Done well, it’s proven to impact learners and boost their retention. Even better, it sells well. Video is the most popular medium for generating microcontent because content creators and instructional designers can produce brief videos on a single topic designed to offer quick, engaging, and efficient learning. Microlearning and microcontent are much more than prominent industry buzzwords: they have become a standard of instructional design. Want to make sure your courses sell well? One way to do that is to offer a wide range of microcontent videos.

Reaching a Mobile Audience

In this mobile-mediated world, your customers are always on the go, which means that they’ll need access to their courses from their mobile devices. Most mobile platforms support video, so if you want to reach a broader customer audience, use video for your course content. 

Simplicity and Efficiency

Here’s the kicker: once you have the video you need, uploading the content and adding it to your courses is incredibly simple. In fact, it couldn’t be easier. Not only will you be able to sell the most popular media type to the widest possible audience, but you’ll also have no trouble getting it set up and ready to take to market. Here at DigitalChalk, we firmly believe that you can create a course and have it ready to sell in only 20 minutes. It truly is easier than you think.

DigitalChalk Can Help

Creating, marketing, and selling online courses doesn’t have to be nor should it be difficult. If you’re new to video, our blog on creating video content will help you create and film the perfect course. And you don’t let video editing intimidate you. Our blog on editing video provides tips and tools to take the guesswork out of editing.

To learn more strategies for starting your online business in the new year, watch our free webinar “6 Tools to Launch Your Online Business in 2020.”

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