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Offering Discounts vs. Shopping Cart Discounts

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Marketing

Have you been in the process of creating a discount and wondered what the difference is between an offering discount and a shopping cart discount? No worries! We’ll be breaking down the key difference between the 2 so you can use either one to suit your specific needs.

What is the difference?

When comparing offering and shopping cart discounts the main difference is which price they affect when checking out. If an offering discount is applied it will only reduce the price for the offerings specified when the discount rule was created. The shopping cart discount will change the price for everything in the cart, not just one offering like the offering discount.DigitalChalk: Offering Discount vs. Shopping Cart Discounts

With both discount options you will be able to choose whether you take a certain percentage, or dollar amount, off of the offering or cart total. You can also easily limit how many times both discounts can be used and how long it is active. Learn more about how to create discounts here!

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