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How to Sell Courses on WordPress

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Marketing

Do you love your business? Are you passionate about selling your knowledge online but need some help getting started?

Selling your courses online is much easier than you think. The good news is that you can give your business the care it deserves without having to know a single line of code. You just need to set up your WordPress site, use WooCommerce to build your shopping cart, and partner with us to create and sell courses online.

Watch this message from our CFO, Justin Salvetti, to learn 3 tips for selling courses on WordPress.

1. Set up Your WordPress Site.

The beauty of WordPress is that there’s no coding knowledge required to create a sales funnel site that will drive conversions. With the right tools and plugins, you have nearly unlimited options for building sales funnels that will help you make money online. All you have to do is download WordPress, and follow the instructions for their famous 5 minute install. Just a reminder, you will need a webhost and a domain name. We recommend using WP Engine for your hosting.

2. Use WooCommerce to build your shopping cart.

WooCommerce is an excellent WordPress plugin you can use to build a customizable online store where you can sell your courses. It’s an eCommerce platform that puts all of the control in your hands. However you want to sell your courses, you can.

3. Partner with DigitalChalk to create and sell courses online.

Not only do you already have the tools you need to run a profitable online business, but with us, you have a partner for life. We’ll work with you to build a WordPress sales site you’ll love.

So give your business the love that it deserves!

Are you ready to take the next step? Watch our free webinar “Love Your Business: How to Sell Courses Online” to learn how to give your business the care it deserves.

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