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Why Training Businesses Should Choose DigitalChalk Over Training Marketplace Platforms

by | Feb 26, 2024 | eLearning Tools, Marketing

In the evolving landscape of online education, training businesses face a pivotal decision: where to host and sell their courses. While marketplace platforms offer widespread visibility, a closer look reveals that dedicated platforms like DigitalChalk provide a superior framework for organisations focused on maximising control, profits, and the quality of their educational offerings

Understanding the Marketplace Model

Marketplace platforms operate on a broad-reach basis, appealing through sheer volume and variety. Udemy, for instance, is known for its extensive catalogue, offering courses across a wide range of subjects. This extensive reach, however, comes with its own set of challenges for training businesses. While Udemy promotes the platform itself and the categories of courses available, individual courses often compete for visibility among hundreds of similar offerings. As a result, training providers must not only create compelling content but also engage in significant marketing efforts to ensure their courses stand out. This dynamic underscores the importance of a comprehensive marketing strategy for course creators on Udemy.

Moreover, the platform’s revenue model, which can take up to 50% of course sales, represents a significant cut that impacts the business’ earnings. That money is often only paid to the training business once a month, causing cashflow issues for the business. This financial model, combined with the need for individual marketing efforts, can make it challenging for training providers to maximise their revenue on marketplace platforms.

The DigitalChalk Difference

DigitalChalk offers a robust solution for training businesses focused on building their brand and retaining more of their revenue. Unlike marketplace platforms, DigitalChalk charges a modest registration fee without tying fees to course sales percentages, ensuring training providers keep more of their hard-earned money. For businesses experiencing rapid growth, additoinal pricing options are available to ensure that not only the functionality of the platform is scaleable, but also the pricing.

Unparalleled Course Creation and Flexibility

DigitalChalk’s intuitive platform enables course creators to design engaging courses with videos, quizzes, and interactive content. Its mobile responsiveness ensures learners can access courses on any device, enhancing the learning experience.

Direct Sales and Enhanced Profitability

With DigitalChalk, selling courses online is streamlined through built-in eCommerce functionality, which can easily be connected to the training business’ website. Businesses can directly engage with their audience, offer promotions, and manage VAT, all without the hefty commission fees associated with marketplaces. What’s more, the training business receives its money directly via, so there is no need to wait for weeks as with a training marketplace platform.

Unmatched Support

Training businesses utilizing DigitalChalk receive unparalleled support and a flexible platform that evolves with their growth. Unlike the rigid model of marketplaces, DigitalChalk offers personalised scalability, whether it’s for increasing course options or accommodating more students, paired with committed assistance via phone, email, and chat to ensure the success of each training business.


While marketplace platforms offer a quick start, they come with significant limitations, particularly regarding revenue share and control over the course experience. DigitalChalk emerges as the superior choice for training providers serious about building a sustainable, profitable online training business. It not only offers better financial terms but also empowers businesses with the tools they need to succeed on their terms.

Choosing DigitalChalk is a strategic decision for training providers who value their independence, wish to maximise their earnings, and desire to offer high-quality, branded educational experiences. For those looking to make a lasting impact in the world of online education, DigitalChalk provides the platform, tools, and freedom necessary to achieve those goals.

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