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LMS Solutions Part 3: What Training Should Your LMS Solution Include?

by | Apr 27, 2019 | Business Training, eLearning Tools

The best learning management systems come with a wide variety of business training courses you can use to build or bolster your training. The quality and relevance of the training to your business is the most critical component of any online training solution. Your LMS solution should provide you the flexibility to create a customized training plan based on the needs of your organization. But what kind of training do you need? The best training will help your business increase employee productivity, mitigate workplace risk, and retain top talent.

Increase Productivity

Employee productivity increases when they are properly trained in the tools they use to do their jobs. A quality LMS solution will offer business training courses that align with your productivity goals.

Business Courses

Business-specific courses are in demand now more than ever before. Employees are interested in gaining the necessary skills that will make them excellent staff and keep them up-to-date with industry standards. There are a variety of types of courses available such as customer service, time management, cybersecurity, social media and more. Keep your employees engaged long-term with business courses.

Software Skills Courses  

By training employees on software skills, such as on the Microsoft Suite, CRM or HRIS training, you’re investing in productivity for your business. Most LMS platforms offer various training for different levels of knowledge including beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Software productivity training should also include training for current and past used software versions and a summary for each new version. This creates a knowledge base for all users to continue to increase their knowledge on commonly used productivity products.

Software training can be an essential part of productivity on your team. Most employees use a fraction of the products they have. Periodic updates make it difficult to keep up with ever-changing features and interfaces. Keeping employees invested in their learning can create an opportunity for long term interest and loyalty to your company.

Mitigate Workplace Risk

The high cost of a toxic workplace extends far beyond the potential cost of litigation, to increased absenteeism, loss of employee engagement and productivity, and loss of talent. Make sure the LMS solution you choose includes compliance and safety training for employees at every level.

Compliance Training  

Although it can be a reactionary training, compliance training is an important topic that has a variety of benefits for your organization. Compliance law benefits go beyond controlling costs and maintaining compliance with the law. Training on these important topics can foster workplace confidence and understanding.

EEOC Compliance Training

The most critical compliance training is understanding EEOC compliance. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has regulations concerning civil rights laws and protects employees against workplace discrimination. Training employees on EEOC allows them to understand their rights and manage proper workplace etiquette. Common topics reviewed are workplace violence, active shooter, sexual harassment, anti-harassment, diversity, protected groups and more.

Legal Compliance Training

Another type of compliance training that is commonly needed for most organizations is legal workplace compliance training. This includes important training topics for managers and leaders within your business, topics can include: FLSA, FMLA, HIPPA, OSHA, ethics training and more.

Help the business leaders in your organization stay up-to-date on compliance training and changes in important laws. The training at DigitalChalk works with your organization to ensure that you’re partnering with a leading management system that will ensure that your training is exactly what you need. Look for an LMS solution with a comprehensive selection of compliance training.

Retain Top Talent

Not only do high-performers cost more to replace, but studies show that less than half of them are satisfied with their jobs, and 1 in 5 say they’re likely to leave in the next six months.  Training helps to show your most valuable employees that you care for them and that they can grow with your company.

Management Courses

A major plus to choosing an LMS system with an expansive inventory of training is that you can include topics that may not normally be essential to your business. Training general employees is important, but don’t forget about training your managers too. This includes best management practices and leadership training.

Courses that may be of interest to your management team may include:

  • Leadership Training
  • Basic Management Training
  • Team Building
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Performance Counselling
  • Mentoring
  • Meeting Management

Creating an engaging environment can be the factor that creates loyal employees that are invested in your organization as much as you are. Your online training solution should provide a wide variety of engaging and relevant management training.

Soft Skills Courses

Business skills training helps your emerging leaders advance their careers while propelling your business forward at the same time. Employees can grow their careers by taking soft skills courses to make their business etiquette top notch for any future business engagements.

Soft skills training courses include:

  • Business basics – attire, math & grammar
  • Basic Communications
  • Business Travel
  • Personal Development
  • Presentation Skills

Managers can also benefit from soft skills training. Topics can include communications, strategic planning, negotiations, mentoring, time management, personality development, and empathy. These topics can help your leadership team confidently engage with your entire staff positively.

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