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How To Record Audio Like The Pros

by | Mar 22, 2013 | eLearning Tools

Do you want to record audio like the pros for your online class? Try these tips and tricks.

  • DigitalChalk: How to Record Audio Like the ProsMicrophone positioning is key for the quality of your audio. Positioning the microphone too close to the speaker, or too far away, creates unwanted noise.  The best positioning for the microphone is 6-12 inches away from the speaker.
  • Make sure to record a demo before starting so you can make sure that the microphone is positioned correctly and that you are not getting any unwanted extra noise.
  • Use headphones rather than your computer speakers when playing the recorded audio back so you can catch problems easier. Headphones enhance the audio quality so you can easily hear unwanted noise.
  • If you want to sync the audio to animations or annotations, wait until after you have recorded to do so. It can be distracting if you are trying to time it perfectly while recording. Go back with the finished audio and sync the animations and annotations to the audio.
  • Make sure to mark where you did your retakes so you can go back and easily find them. You can do this by leaving a few seconds of silence in between each take.
  • Write a script beforehand, improvising can cause you to stumble over your words. With a written script you have a better thought out message and you don’t fill it with unnecessary thoughts. Also, practice the script so that it sounds natural.
  • It is good to stand up while you are recording, because it helps to ease your breathing and also to help you feel more energetic. If you do choose to sit down make sure you are sitting straight with your chin out.
  • Keep water or tea near by when recording so you can keep your vocal chords well hydrated, which helps to keep your voice smooth during recording.
  • The most important trick is to remember to relax and don’t rush. When you rush, you start to stumble over your words and the script won’t sound natural when it’s obvious you are rushing through it.

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