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10 (Free!) Handwritten Fonts

by | May 23, 2013 | DigitalChalk

DigitalChalk 10 (Free!) Handwritten Fonts

Sometimes adding a splash of handwritten font to your course can make a big difference. Handwritten fonts are great for speech bubbles, callouts, or captions. Plus, it adds a nice contrast to the formal presentation and design. Overall, it adds a little personal touch. Spice up your course with 10 of the best (free!) handwritten fonts.

DigitalChalk 10 (Free!) Handwritten Fonts

Free Fonts:

A Year Without Rain

Jenna Sue

Joy like Sunshine through my Windowpane

Note This

Sunshine in my Soul

The Great Escape

The Skinny

Honey Script

Throw My Hands Up in the Air

Sweetly Broken

DigitalChalk 10 (Free!) Handwritten Fonts

There are so many different ways to use handwritten fonts and grab your student’s attention! Here are a few more (free!) font resources.

1001 Free Fonts

Font Squirrel

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