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6 Reasons You Need a Content Licensing Solution

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Business Training

First, you’re probably asking yourself what a content licensing solution actually is. That’s a fantastic question. It’s an innovative new technology that allows you to share, track, and administer SCORM and AICC course content across learning platforms all from one central, secure location. 

Now, you might be wondering why content licensing is something you’d want. The answer largely depends on what you’re trying to do or what your business needs are. If you create and sell online courses, the benefits of a content licensing solution would be different than if you provide online staff training for your employees. There are plenty of reasons to take advantage of this new eLearning technology, but we’ve come up with a hand-picked list of reasons to help you determine how a content licensing solution could bolster your business. 

How Can Content Licensing Help Me Deliver Staff Training?

Certainly, content licensing serves many purposes. One area where it can be particularly useful, however, is with corporate training. Here are just three of the reasons a content licensing solution can add value to your online training program.

1. Share SCORM and AICC content to multiple different learning platforms, and track learner progress, all from one location. This is an important benefit if your organization is large and has multiple different departments or sub-organizations that all use different LMSs. You can deliver course content that is still operable and trackable all from one place.

2. Manage course content with version control. If there’s an update you need to make to a course, you can roll it out with no disruption to learners using the content licensing solution. 

3. Gain new insights into how learners interact with their training content with custom reporting and data analytics. A vital part of any online training program, is tracking learner interaction and progress. A content licensing solution provides detailed reporting and analytics that  informs you how learners are progressing through their training. 

How Can Content Licensing Help Me Sell My Online Courses?

Content licensing solutions prove to be invaluable tools for online businesses, as well. Here’s why:

1. Identify top-selling courses across multiple learning platforms. The reporting and data analytics capabilities of a content licensing solution provide detailed information about course performance and user registration that helps you identify your top-selling courses for strategic planning.

2. Protect your intellectual and business property. If you create and sell online courses, you  must be able to control your content usage. Content licensing solutions, as the name suggests, provide the ability to license your course content, so you can protect and manage your recurring revenue.

3. Sell your courses to a wider audience by delivering them across multiple learning platforms. Because you can deliver SCORM and AICC to multiple LMSs, you can sell your courses to many more people.

As we mentioned, content licensing solutions are an innovation in the eLearning industry, and DigitalChalk is leading the charge. The newest addition to our online learning solution, DigitalChalk Control Tower, is the perfect choice for your content licensing needs. With Control Tower, you can take advantage of the business and training benefits that we outlined for you and more. Whether you sell your courses online or you provide online staff training, this product is the perfect technology to help you protect your content, understand course usage, and control content updates.

To learn more about Control Tower, register for this free, on-demand webinar today!

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