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5 Reasons You Need a Sales Enablement Training Program

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Business Training

Even the most skilled and experienced sales reps need to practice. After all, they didn’t reach the status of most skilled and experienced on talent alone, although that probably helped. On the contrary, they developed their skills over time in order to become masters of their craft. According to the Training Industry, “Less than 50 percent of B2B sales reps make quota each year, but organizations that provide ongoing coaching and training reinforcement have four times more reps meeting the quota.” Sales reps, even the experienced ones, need to continually reinforce their skills to stay on top of their quotas.

As training technology has advanced in the past couple decades, online training has become the most viable, efficient, and affordable means for sharpening skills. Sales enablement training has particularly benefited from the technological advances in eLearning and is one of the best ways to develop sales readiness. 

Technologically mediated sales training yields a seemingly unending series of benefits. Since modern online sales training can be accessed from any device, it’s available 24/7 for trainees, which means that you can minimize loss of field time. This saved time is effective for new campaigns and product launches because reps have more time out in the field to sell. Also, engaging, interactive content improves learner retention and delivers behavior changes for greater revenue. We could go on and on in praise of online sales enablement training, but, to keep it brief, we’ve handpicked a list of benefits that deserve special attention. Check out our curated list of reasons you need sales enablement training:

1. It’s low risk. Sales enablement training is exactly that: training. It’s an opportunity for sales reps to practice and develop their skills without the added pressure of real life sales scenarios. With sales enablement training, your reps will have had practice before they go out to make real sales. Even the best and most competent salespeople need to continuously hone their skills.

2. It makes sales onboarding easier and more affordable. Onboarding is one of the most substantial business expenses. Your business will have to invest massive amounts of time and money into the hiring and training process. Don’t let that investment be a waste! Sales enablement training can assess the sales abilities of potential hires so that you can make the decision to hire with detailed, thorough, and accurate information.

3. It can prescribe custom training programs tailored to the needs of individual sales reps. Effective sales enablement training not only provides a space for sales reps to practice and assess their skills, it also prescribes custom training regimens for them based on their performance in their previous training. You can develop strengths where your sales team once exhibited weaknesses.

4. It increases learner retention. Online training features like gamification help learners retain the knowledge they gained from their training. Gamified course content boosts learner engagement and can be invaluable for your sales enablement training.

5. Custom reports tell you what you need to know about your sales team’s abilities. No online training program is complete without a system for reporting in place. However, not all reporting systems are created equal. You want to make sure that your reports are robust and detailed so you can make better sales hiring and training decisions. Make sure that your reporting system provides you with the information you need. 

Better Decision-Making Starts Here

DigitalChalk has partnered with Selleration to deliver the most innovative sales enablement training on the market. Selleration’s UPtick features 3D simulate role-plays to test your sales team’s skills in automated scenarios. It’s the only sales readiness platform that enables your sales leaders to predict, measure, and develop the ability of your sales reps to reach quota.

To learn more about DigitalChalk’s partnership with Selleration, download this free informational sheet, or watch this brief video.

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