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Online Training Gets Easier with DigitalChalk’s Big Update

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Announcements

Online Training Gets Easier with DigitalChalk’s Big Update

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Leading training platform launches unique PowerPoint converter and more.

Asheville, NC – July 28, 2014

“You asked, we delivered,” starts an email today to customers of DigitalChalk. Today’s Washington 1.0 update represents the training software company’s biggest product update in seven years. Innovative enhancements to several of the platform’s most popular features make creating and serving custom courses easier than ever.

The most anticipated system update is the Advanced PowerPoint Converter, which offers unparalleled ease in converting PowerPoint presentations into robust online courses. In other platforms, the conversion process can be cumbersome, requiring many additional steps, tool integrations, or developer assistance. “DigitalChalk has dramatically reduced the work required to turn an offline presentation into an online course while working seamlessly to maintain animations and audio components”, says Chief Executive Officer Russ Stinehour.

In a matter of seconds, any DigitalChalk user can now convert PowerPoint presentations into ready-to-use courses that are fully compatible with SCORM 1.2 – the eLearning industry’s de facto standard. The converted courses also are in HTML5 and maintain all PowerPoint animation and functionality. “Our goal was to empower regular instructors to be able to take their most common offline materials and turn them into versatile online courses without any headaches or barriers”, says Stinehour. View the video to see just how fast and simple this unique feature is.

DigitalChalk also enhanced its’ email notification capabilities to allow for more effective communications and reminders to students. Instructors can now create custom notifications or access 30 new templates, and setup has been made effortless.

Additional update features now provide easier coupon creation when selling courses online, speedier creation of training videos, improved screen size compatibility for videos, and over 1,000 customized reporting options.

DigitalChalk is a leading learning management system (LMS) for businesses to create and deliver their training courses online. DigitalChalk offers the most versatile and feature-rich online training platform available, flexible pricing with no contract, and a cloud-hosted solution that is always on and always up.

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