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DigitalChalk Offers Polish to Online Video Training

by | May 14, 2009 | Announcements

Educators create video training quickly using bundled production service packages.

May 14, 2009 – Asheville, NC

Infinity Learning Solutions (ILS), the parent company of is announcing the introduction of a professional services group specifically dedicated to assisting training professionals and professors produce high quality video lessons. A team of Web and Broadcast professionals with decades of experience has been assembled to assist in building better quality video lessons.

“Our training providers on DigitalChalk are industry leaders in their respective fields but when it comes to capturing and producing video, they can often find it both challenging and costly. Our mission is to help our providers create video training online. Adding a production group that is dedicated to cost-effective services, enable course providers to compete with world-class material online,” said Russ Stinehour, President.

Carleton Cole, an award winning, 30 veteran broadcast producer joined ILS on May 1st. Carleton has a passion for learning and brings a new level of leadership to the DigitalChalk production services group.

“I am very excited to make the transition from broadcasting to delivering educational videos to the web. What I like about DigitalChalk is that we are concerned about education in a broader sense. There is always a huge need to teach, to share and to learn every day, by having this Web platform at the touch of the keyboard; the way we teach and learn has become so easy. We used to think mass communication was only about television stations or newspapers, but now with a platform like DigitalChalk we have the opportunity to educate the broader public in a more personal way” said Cole.

The production services are now available at studios in Asheville, NC and Houston as well as on location.

“We are focused on both quality and affordability” stated Tony McCune, VP of Sales. “We are dedicated to making these services affordable for anyone who has great content they want to offer. For qualified providers, we will be offering interest free payment terms and in some cases the option to pay for a portion of the services through course delivery fees after the courses are released.”

The DigitalChalk system is available for both individual accounts as well as corporate and education institutions to create and deliver online video training. The production services are available for all customers in the continental United States.

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