Court-ordered Divorce Counseling

Helping Therapists Be There (online) for Everyone

Purpose-Built for the Challenges YOU face

Getting busy parents to fully engage with court-ordered counseling can be hard, and the move to online counseling has been a challenge for many. DigitalChalk can help make your counseling and therapy services more engaging and accessible to clients navigating co-parenting when going through a divorce.

Accessing divorce counseling online allows your clients to connect with your content when they are free to do so. This allows clients who are often parenting on their own for the first time to keep their children’s needs at the forefront of their attention. DigitalChalk’s successful history as an engaging, online learning platform, reduces the burden on the therapist and increases benefits to the clients. Our platform is easy to use and our support first class, allowing therapist clients to keep their focus on counseling.

DigitalChalk gives you and your clients the features and support you need for success.

Video Capabilities Second to None

DigitalChalk keeps participants engaged.  Our video capabilities are unrivaled.  Similar to Netflix and Amazon, when a learner leaves a video, they return to the exact spot they left off, making content more digestible, on their schedule. 

All-Inclusive, Best-in-Class Support

Our dedicated support team is here to give you and your agents all the answers and help you may need. Migrate content from a current platform, set up cutting-edge integrations, answer questions and concerns anywhere, anytime with DigitalChalk Support. 

Live and On-demand Options

Take advantage of flexible cloud-based learning to allow learners to continue their courses whenever they want, wherever they are. 

Prefer to do things live?  No problem, DigitalChalk integrates with Zoom and Webex for live video conference options. 

Accessible Learning for All

DigitalChalk takes accessibility very seriously and strives to create an interface that makes learning easy for all. In addition to having 100s of languages within the platform, we have worked closely with organisations focused on improving the online experience of blind and visually impaired learners to ensure our solution goes above and beyond ADA standards to provide an optimal experience for all learners. DigitalChalk provides learning and closed captioning options in multiple languages.



Co-Parenting after Divorce courses completed in 2023



timely completion rate of Co-Parenting after Divorce courses


10 Years

experience working with therapists to deliver synchronous and asynchronous online counseling

Why We Are Better

Intuitive, Engaging Interface, Viewable on Any Device

Parenting, paperwork for the divorce, work, errands….we know your learners are short on time. DigitalChalk lets them access online learning when they want, where they want.  The UI is  easy to follow.  DigitalChalk has responsive design as a core principle, so all of the required on-demand content will be mobile-accessible; viewable at 11:00 at night or 3:00 in the morning, whenever your learners want it. 

All-inclusive, Best in Class Support

From their very first day with DigitalChalk, instructors, counselors and learners have access to email, livechat and phone support. Our support team has an average tenure of 7 years and are all US-based. We are laser-focused on helping you – and your clients – succeed.

Simple, Powerful Content Development Tools

DigitalChalk is SCORM and AICC compatible, meaning you can easily  run programs created from different authoring tools, including web-based content. 


Best in Class Video Functionality

DigitalChalk’s native video features make it simple to create and consume engaging content .  Attention checks, Netflix capabilities all help make the learner experience engaging. If live engagement is preferred, we integrate with Zoom.

Advanced Automation Features

Your learners have a lot going on, and timelines may be at risk of slipping.  With DigitalChalk, you can set up automatic notifications, catalog rules and a number of other automation features to keep learners moving forward without you needing to do anything. 

A Proven Solution

Award-winning DigitalChalk continues to prove itself the top LMS on the market, working to make Continuing Professional Development and Certification accessible and engaging. With over 13 million test questions answered and 82 years of video content delivered, DigitalChalk is continuing its legacy of success.

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